Lots to see and experience!


We put on new art exhibitions at Agatunet every season. The volunteers who form the art group put a great deal of work into finding wonderful, interesting artists, and they curate the art exhibitions every year.

You will find the following at Agatunet this year:
Lars Osa
Siri Berrefjord
May Helen Bleie
Iben Mansfeld

We have a permanent exhibition of costumes – A gift from my mother, a collection of clothing and items from the same family – five generations of folk costumes and national costumes.

Many wonderful old pictures of life on the farm cluster hang at Agatunet, many of which are Georg Fredrik Fasting’s watercolour paintings of Agatunet.
There are also a lot of great items like kitchen utensils and agricultural equipment and tools on display.


Besøksadresse: 5776 Nå
Postadresse: Museumsvegen 36, 5778 Utne

Tlf: 474 79 902
E-post: agatunet@hvm.museum.no


Meld deg på nyhendebrevet vårt og motta informasjon om kva som skjer ved Hardanger og Voss museum!


6 .mai - 1. sept. 2019:
Kl 10 - 17 alle dagar

Ope for grupper og andre besøkande etter avtale heile året