– Ein del av Hardanger og Voss museum

– A part of Hardanger and Voss museum

Venue hire

Are you looking for a venue?

Agatunet hires out a number of venues for parties and meetings. We can serve food and drinks on request. We can also organise cider tasting, guided tours and musical entertainment.
The protected farm cluster creates a unique backdrop to any event, be it a confirmation, christening, wedding, anniversary, work party, conference or meeting, or simply a get-together with good friends.
Get in touch and we will help you organise your event.
We look forward to your visit, and will do our utmost to ensure you have a great time here in the pleasant surroundings at Agatunet.

Our venues for hire:
Lagmannsstova and Lagmannsstovekjellaren
The café and Grønastova
Asbjørnsløa barn

Technical equipment
We have a mounted screen, projector and sound system in Johansstova. We also have a mobile screen and projector, and a smaller sound system (speakers, microphones, six-channel mixing disc).

Agatunet has cooperated with Aga tradisjonsmat for many years. Aga tradisjonsmat was established in 2002 by Marianne Miljeteig Aga. She makes dishes from scratch, and is keen to preserve old culinary traditions and cultural heritage. The menu features local dishes from Hardanger, such as hakkasteik stew and røykjekjøt salted, dried meat and homemade potato pancakes. She also makes special party menus, cold tables, open sandwiches and cakes. We can cater for most food preferences.
Bringing your own food is not permitted in connection with parties at Agatunet, but we make an exception for bringing cakes to confirmations, birthday parties and weddings.

Alcohol sales etc.
Agatunet is fully licensed. We have a wine and cider menu, and can order other beverages at customers’ request. When you are planning a party, you can choose whether you want everything on the same bill, or whether the guests pay for their own drinks, or a combination of the above.
Drinking alcohol you have brought with you is not permitted at Agatunet.


Please note: Smoking is not permitted.
Agatunet is a protected farm cluster where the buildings stand very close together. Smoking is therefore not permitted inside or outside the buildings.


Entertainment and activities
Agatunet is keen to ensure you enjoy your visit, and can offer a range of different activities Some of the things you can experience are listed below:

  • Guided tour
    Our engaged and capable guides can show guests around the farm cluster. They will learn about Sigurd the Lawspeaker, see the exhibitions and get a glimpse of what it was like to live in a farm cluster.
    Duration: approx. 45 min., shorter or longer by request.
    Price: depends on size of group.
  • Concerts
    A number of talented folk musicians can play concerts or provide entertainment at Agatunet in connection with dinners and events.
    Price: depends on the number of musicians, how long they play and the concert venue.
    Duration: approx. 45 min., shorter or longer by request.
  • Cider tasting
    Hardanger is a well-known cider area. Cider production has changed a lot in the area in recent years, with many ambitious young cider producers who have won many prizes for their products. Learn about the history of cider and taste the delicious drink at the same time. We cooperate with several local award-winning cider producers in Ullensvang, and can also offer cider from elsewhere in Hardanger. Freshly-pressed apple juice is available as an alcohol-free alternative. Suitable as an aperitif, or right after a guided tour Price depends on activity .
    Duration: minimum 15-20 min., longer by request.
    If you have any other requests, we will do our utmost to meet your requests.