– Ein del av Hardanger og Voss museum

– A part of Hardanger and Voss museum

Building preservation
and restoration

A preserved cultural monument

Agatunet is a preserved cultural monument. The part of the farm cluster that Hardanger and Voss Museum runs comprises around 30 buildings that all require maintenance and restoration.

Keeping and maintaining the buildings in good condition so that they are preserved for coming generations involves a great deal of work. Thanks to funding from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Hordaland County Authority, among others, and a great deal of work, we have achieved a lot. In recent years, we have, for example restored the barn roof, the roof and cellar walls of Lagmannsstova, installed a sprinkler system in much of the farm cluster, and painted many of the buildings.

The work at Agatunet is always in accordance with the principle of procedural restoration, whereby efforts are made to perform the work in the same way and with the same materials as when the buildings were built. Careful consideration must be given to how much needs to be replaced and how much of the original materials should be left. We have established a good collaboration with the local building contractor Håkon Kvestad AS. At Agatunet, we try as far as possible to involve others in restoration work so that we can transfer as much old knowledge as possible to new hands, and we often therefore organise courses in connection with restoration projects.

Information about the courses available at all times can be found here, or under programme.