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The medieval knight’s hall


The oldest building in Agatunet is Lagmannsstova, which was built in around 1220 by the family of the knight, member of the State Council and Gulating Assembly – Sigurd Brynjulvsson. It is often referred to as the Legist’s House, due to Sir Sigurd’s position.

It is the only remaining part of a much larger structure, built as combined living space and administration facilities, based on continental European palace models, and this remaining hall was used as a venue for entertainment, gathering and representations. A stave-built private chapel was part of the complex.

Today, Lagmannsstova is the only building of its kind left in Norway, and one of the best preserved secular medieval buildings in the country.

It is Norway’s oldest known court room. The oldest complete doucment of a ruling we have, a diploma known as Bleiediplomet, was pronounced, signed and sealed in the Lagmannsstova court room in May 1293.

The building has impressive timber walls and other beautiful details, tables dating from the Middle Ages, unusual stone cellars and 800 years of history. You really get a sense of days past when standing in this hall!

Join a guided tour of Lagmannsstova and experience this unique building and learn about its exciting history!