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An unequalled farm cluster


Agatunet is a unique cultural monument, an authentic and protected farm cluster. The buildings tell a story. The area around Aga has been settled since the Stone Age, and the oldest building at Agatunet is 800 years old.

Knights and farmers, members of the Storting, ship captains and cotters have lived here. Side by side, they have lived and toiled from generation to generation. There has been a court room, a chapel, a telegraph station and school at one time or another at Agatunet.

The buildings at Agatunet have not been moved there, but stand as they stood when Agatunet was granted protected status after the land consolidation of 1937, and were gradually abandoned after World War II.

You can draw the lines between the large medieval farm to the farming village with its large population and bustling life. The farms around Agatunet are still home to the families who left the farm cluster 70 years ago. They still work the soil. From time to time, people who grew up at Agatunet still drink their coffee on the stone steps.

Agatunet is a unique place with a unique atmosphere – a national cultural monument that gives you a glimpse of many aspects of our history.
Agatunet is owned by the Stiftelsen Agatunet foundation, and has been run by Hardanger and Voss Museum since 2006.


Photo: Ingerid Jordal


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