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Exhibition of national costumes


“A gift from my mother”
– five generations of national costumes
Agatunet is delighted to present the exhibition of national costumes ‘A gift from my mother’. All of the around 200 garments and items in the exhibition are from the same family, and were donated to Agatunet by Mildrid Fagertveit in 2006.
Mildrid’s great grandmother, Ingebjørg Johannesdotter Aga grew up at Agatunet. She was born in 1830 as the youngest of nine siblings. Ingebjørg grew up in an age when many of the districts in Norway still had their own local clothes customs. It encompassed all the clothes they wore, from their day-to-day clothes to their best clothes, and from cradle to grave. Such local clothes customs are now called folk costumes.
These costumes went on to be used as national costumes. ‘A gift from my mother’ provides a unique insight into the items of clothing that were originally used as folk costumes and subsequently as national costumes over the past 150 years.

The exhibition is open every year during the summer season. Access only on guided tours or on request.