Café and shop



Relax with a cup of coffee and a tasty waffle
Our cosy little café is situated in the lovely Ådnesstova building, also known as Lensmannsstova (the vassal’s building). It also houses a museum shop, which sells a range of local products, handicrafts, local produce, books, toys, jewellery and gifts. This is where you buy a ticket to Agatunet, meet a guide who will provide information about the farm cluster and where you can find brochures about other museums etc. in Hardanger.
Take a tasty historic break in the atmospheric and historically furnished Lensmannsstova building. We serve delicious cakes and waffles, a few savoury and hot dishes, chocolate, ice cream, hot and cold drinks etc. We recommend trying the tasty products we sell made from apples from the area. We are licensed to sell beer and wine.
We also have a little library with books you can borrow. Relax in an easy chair in the corner with a cup of coffee and flick through beautiful reference books, read about the farm cluster’s history, or immerse yourself in the lives of well-known people from Hardanger.
This building also houses most of the art exhibitions.
Tables and benches are dotted around the farm cluster, where you are welcome to find a quiet corner and sit and enjoy whatever you buy in the café when the weather is fine.

It’s great to relax outdoors at Agatunet!



Besøksadresse: 5776 Nå
Postadresse: Museumsvegen 36, 5778 Utne

Tlf: 474 79 902


Meld deg på nyhendebrevet vårt og motta informasjon om kva som skjer ved Hardanger og Voss museum!


6 .mai - 1. sept. 2019:
Kl 10 - 17 alle dagar

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