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Making ‘krotakake’ flatbread

Proud tradition

Every Friday during the summer holidays, the women’s association Vikebygd og Aga Bygdekvinnelag light the oven in the baking cellar. The delicious smell of newly-made krotakake flatbread fills the air at the farm cluster, while the women bake, roll out the dough with a special rolling pin and bake the flatbread.
They do an excellent job. They arrive every Friday morning with a mound of dough. One rolls out the dough, one cuts it into suitable sizes and one keeps the oven burning and bakes the flatbread.
This is traditional Hardanger fare. They are like flatbread, but the dough is made of rye flour, water and yeast, and they are rolled out with a special rolling pin. They are best with butter when dry or moistened with butter and ‘prim’ cheese. Try them along with salty dishes, as an accompaniment with your main meal, or with a cold cut. They are a delicious weekend breakfast with bacon and eggs!
You can buy krotakaker flatbread from the bakers in the cellar, and in the shop (but be warned, they sell out fast!). We also serve them in the café.

We make pizza in the cellar during the summer season! On Friday afternoons, after the krotakaker ladies have left, we make delicious pizzas in the oven with a thin and crispy crust and different toppings. You can eat them here or take them home with you. Keep an eye on the programme to see when we will be making pizzas, and read more here.


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