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We organise regular lectures at Agatunet, both during and outside the season. We invite competent, engaged lecturers to share their knowledge and ensure you go home a little wiser.
We organise lectures on different topics, e.g. medieval history and building preservation. Keep an eye on the programme, and welcome to enlightening lectures at Agatunet!

Agatunet is currently cooperating with professor of legal history at the University of Bergen, Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde. He is one of our foremost experts on medieval and legal history, and head of the major research and dissemination project Det rettshistoriske landslovsprosjektet 2014-2024, which focuses on the remarkable Norwegian Law Code Magnus the Lawmender introduced in 1274. Agatunet’s own Sigurd Brynjulvsson was a law speaker, and upheld important laws in this area of Norway.

Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde visits Agatunet several times a year, and gives lectures on medieval topics of relevance to Agatunet. In his youth, Øyrehagen Sunde worked for a few seasons as a guide at Agatunet, and he has a keen interest in and fondness for this unique cultural monument. He is, deservedly, known as being a very inspired and generous communicator. The dates and times of his lectures are stated in the ‘programme’ section. Don’t miss them!




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Visiting address: 5776 Nå
Postal address: Museumsvegen 36, Utne

Tel: +47 474 79 902
E-mail: agatunet@hvm.museum.no

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