Guided tours

Get to know Agatunet
– the farm cluster with stories to tell!

Guided tours start every hour on the hour from 10.00 to 16.00.
A guided tour is included in the admission ticket.
The tours start outside the café.

Visitors can also join a tour in process. Guided tours last at least 30 minutes, longer if those taking the tour have a lot of questions.
The guided tour provides an introduction to Agatunet’s long history, and participants get to see inside a number of buildings in the cluster that are otherwise not open to the public, e.g. the stately Lagmannsstova knight’s hall dating from 1220, the Gerturdsstova crofter’s house, and the old storehouse that houses the lovely exhibition of national costumes ‘A gift from my mother’.

Visitors can see the other exhibitions on their own, and they are not included in the guided tour.

The guided tours are generally in Norwegian, but can be conducted in English, if requested. If you would like to look around the farm cluster on your own, you will find an introductory folder that you can bring along. It is available in the café where you buy your ticket.

Guided tours can also be organised for groups outside the season. Get in touch and we can organise something that suits your group.

Welcome to an educational guided tour of the beautiful and interesting Agatunet farm cluster!


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