Cider tasting

Tasting fine cider

Hardanger is known as an important cider area, and cider has been produced at almost every farm here up though history. Today’s cider production has changed a lot, with young, ambitious cider producers who want to sell their high-quality products to the world. And the world is really taking note of the unique qualities of the refined apples from Hardanger – apples that have developed slowly during the long summer light, on fertile slopes between mild fjords and cold mountains, providing unique growth conditions. The term ‘terroir’ which we are familiar with from French wine production, and that indicates the complex soil, climate and location conditions that give unique taste properties, is now being used more and more to describe cider from Hardanger. This is much deserved as it really is good stuff that can only be made here!
Learn about the history of cider and taste the delicious drink at the same time. We can offer cider from a number of local, award-winning cider producers in Ullensvang, and from elsewhere in Hardanger. Freshly-pressed apple juice is available as an alcohol-free alternative.
Must be booked in advance.


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