Medieval knights’ hall

Lagmannsstova is a unique medieval building from around 1220. It was the home and entertainment hall of the knight Sigurd the Lawspeaker (approx. 1240-1303), and is very well preserved. It is the oldest court room we know of in Norway – where ‘Bleiediplomet’, the oldest complete description of a court case preserved in Norway, and among the oldest medieval documents in the country, was signed on 23 May 1293. We have a copy of the document in Lagmannsstova.

This venue is suitable for very special occasions. The venue has a very special atmosphere and we set the tables beautifully.
There is room to seat a maximum of 45 people.
There is no electricity in Lagmannsstova so it is therefore unsuitable for events when it is cold.


We can also cater for parties in the northern cellar of Lagmannsstova. The flagstone floor, whitewash walls, and small openings in the thick walls create a unique atmosphere. There is a copy of Sigurd Brynjulvsson’s gravestone in the cellar.
Tables can be set for around 25 people. There is no electricity in this venue, and, as it lets in a limited amount of daylight, it is less suitable for colder times of the year.


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