Conference or confirmation?

Our meeting and conference venue is in Johansstova, and has a mounted screen, projector and a good sound system. Conference tables and good chairs. This venue is also suitable for dinners if the host intends to show photos during the dinner. We also have a PC you can borrow. During the meeting, we can serve coffee, tea, fruit, open sandwiches and/or cakes.
Heated in autumn and winter.
Suitable for meetings, conferences, showing films and dinners and receptions.
Around 25 people at a dinner/conference with tables, around 45 people without tables.


Besøksadresse: 5776 Nå

Postadresse: Museumsvegen 36, 5778 Utne

Tlf: 474 79 902


23. juni-16. august 2020:
Tysdag-sundag kl 11-16

Kaféen er open kl 12-15 same dagar

Elles ope for grupper etter avtale heile året

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Visiting address: 5776 Nå
Postal address: Museumsvegen 36, Utne

Tel: +47 474 79 902

Opening hours

June 23–August 16 2020:
Tues-Sunday 11 AM–4 PM
Café: Tues-Sunday 12 AM-3 PM

Open for groups and other visitors by appointment throughout the year

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