Asbjørnsløa barn

Celebrate in the barn?

Are you planning to celebrate an occasion with many people? Then Asbjørnsløa barn might be a good alternative. The barn is a large, light venue, and has a lovely atmosphere with old agricultural tools hanging on the walls.

Dinner can be served here during the summer. It can also be used for dances following dinner in a different venue. A bar and sound system can be set up, and it is also a great venue for coffee and cake after a meal.
We can also set up a projector and screen here, as well as a sound system so that the venue can also be hired to show films and musical entertainment.

Over 50 people, around 100 without tables.

Please note: Access to Asbjørnsløa barn will vary depending on the exhibition it is showing. The venue is not heated and is quite draughty, so is suitable for the warmer times of the year.


Besøksadresse: 5776 Nå

Postadresse: Museumsvegen 36, 5778 Utne

Tlf: 474 79 902


Ope for grupper etter avtale, heile året

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Visiting address: 5776 Nå
Postal address: Museumsvegen 36, Utne

Tel: +47 474 79 902

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Open for groups and other visitors by appointment throughout the year

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