The knights’ club

Children can play in the knights’ club at Agatunet

The southern cellar of Lagmannsstova, where real knights once lived, now houses a play and activity room. Children can test a knight’s horse, sit on a real throne, study the treasure hidden in the floor, dress up, build a fortress, draw, make their own shield, read, explore the room and play.

The room is open for all children aged four and upwards. A single ticket grants access to the room and the activities, while a season ticket grants unlimited access and a knight’s diploma.

A knight was a horseman and a warrior. It was also important that knights set a good example of courteous behaviour and were respectful of others, and looked after those who were worse off than themselves – an ideal which is as relevant today as it was in the Middle Ages.

The aim of the knight’s room is to preserve and develop children’s interest in history in a fun and playful manner. The life of knight and law speaker Sigurd Brynjulvsson, who lived in the old building at Aga, is the backdrop for the play room. We are developing a concept for children based on the life of the knight and the knight’s room, so check the website and look out for information at the farm cluster!


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Visiting address: 5776 Nå
Postal address: Museumsvegen 36, Utne

Tel: +47 474 79 902


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