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Roof restoration og the Lensmansstova
The roof of the southern part of the conjoined building Lensmannsstova, known as Ådnesstova, is currently undergoing restoration.

This part of the building is an old smokehouse, which previously had a turf roof, but now has a flagstone roof which is being restored. A newspaper was found, among other things, in the roof, a ‘Familie-Journal’ dated 4 June 1905, indicating that the turf roof may have been replaced just over 100 years ago.

The old smoke vent cover from the time the building was a smokehouse was still in the roof, and it has now been taken down and stored.
Our craftsman Morten Haavik has used an axe to make new rafters, working alongside the capable employees of Håkon Kvestad AS during the roof restoration.

On 22 January 2019, the last flagstone was returned to the roof, and Lensmannsstova is now set to weather another 200 years of the elements in Western Norway.


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